The Duality Dress

The Duality Dress


This highbrow silk touch dress is one to set you apart of the crowd. It is printed with a hand written text of Shell Silverstein's, 'The little boy and the old man', that features the duality of human age and shows how similar an old man is to a little child. The soulful text is complemented by paintings that capture the same dual nature of human development. The books border and the notebook lined background is a perfect backdrop for the story.

Full Text of the Poem

The Little Boy and the Old Man

by Shell Silverstein

Said the little boy, "Sometimes I drop my spoon."
Said the old man, "I do that too."
The little boy whispered, "I wet my pants."
"I do that too," laughed the little old man.
Said the little boy, "I often cry."
The old man nodded, "So do I."
"But worst of all," said the boy, "it seems
Grown-ups don't pay attention to me."
And he felt the warmth of a wrinkled old hand.
"I know what you mean," said the little old man.

Composition: 100% Polyester

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